Investment Facilitation Practices By The Government And The Community

By Nora Jennings

Investment is a tricky affair that requires plenty of organization and planning. All the stakeholders that are involved must play their role properly for the investment to be successful. Therefore, there has to be an investment facilitation, which means that all factors are made favorable for it to survive and do well. The investment that is to be carried out could be by an individual, a group of individuals or a country.

One of the key factors that has to be at play is peace within the area where the venture is going to be put up. It would turn off investors to a country that does not have peace. This could be political peace or terror attacks. Every investor needs to be assured that their asset will not be destroyed before they even make any profits from it. The government therefore needs to ensure that there is peace and harmony in every part of the country.

The bureaucratic requirements needed in order to invest in an area are also another determining factor. This is why many governments help investors by making the procedures easier and also lowering the amount of money that is paid in the process. This is because making it hard for them to invest will just drive them away. They also speed up the process of business registration and issuing of documents for the business.

Another major thing that the state can do to attract the investors is by setting up an office where all their matters will be handled quickly. Most of the foreign investors do not have the knowledge of how and where to get relevant documents for their business. The government should let them get access to the documents with ease for them to be able to start on a new project.

The state has also a job of making sure that all ordinary resources are easily given and free of charge to the investors. It should also encourage the locals to give the necessary help with least amount of money. This will encourage the investors for they will know that the state is willing to offer these services so that they can invest in that locality.

Another way to increase investment is through making loans more accessible. When investors are able to get money, they will be able to effectively do their work. Loan repayment terms should also be revised and made more favorable especially when it comes to interest rates. This is what will pull more and more investors to the area. This is one of the ways to bigger and more beneficial ventures in the area.

There are areas that some forms of businesses cannot be put up. Thy have a controlled development plan. This should be done away with as it limits developers on where and what they can start up. It would actually put off serious and committed developer, and hence the advantages that would come with the business are not experienced by the people and the government.

Investors play a key role in the economy of the country. The government should do anything in their power to ensure that they are encouraged as much as possible to do so wherever and whenever they feel like it, as long as the investment does not have any negative implications such as environment pollution.

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