What You Should Know About Using Ceramic Funerary Urns

By Sally Delacruz

Finding the right vessel to contain the ashes of your loved one can be a difficult experience. There are many factors that consumers will have to consider. This is especially true with ceramic funerary urns. These products can be very aesthetically pleasing. They may not be suitable, however, for all intents and purposes.

Your choice needs to be reflective of your plans for the ashes after you have placed these in an urn. Consumers must adhere to both federal and local laws concerning the disbursement of ashes. These ashes commonly contain chemicals from embalming procedures that are performed to ready the body for a final viewing.

Some people opt to bury their loved ones at sea. They think that they can simply stand on the nearby shores and empty their containers out. Although this is a sentimental notion, it is also highly illegal. Doing so could result in stiff fines and other legal penalties.

Even though it is not good to scatter ashes in this way, this does not mean that there aren't acceptable ways to place ashes in the sea. These must be taken three mile from the shore. You will also have to place the ashes in an acceptable container before letting them go and you must not empty them out from this container. This must be water tight and capable of biodegrading. When all requirements are met, the urn will usually fall to the bottom of the ocean where it can degrade over time. This causes the ashes to be released slowly so that they are not harming the environment.

Some consumers opt for more traditional burial arrangements with small plots. They end up purchasing either garden plots or niches in large columbariums. A urn must be relatively small to fit into a standard columbarium niche. These containers can be much larger in size, however, if placed in garden plots as they available space will not be as restricted.

Whether you can use this type of material for a burial urn is going to depend upon the rules that your chosen cemetery has in place. This is why you should make sure to talk with your provide before you pay for any expensive products. Going to the cemetery website is a great way to get more information or you can request a brochure or pamphlet by walking into the office of these locations.

If you intend to store cremated ashes in your home, however, you want to choose a ceramic container that is not easily broken. Thicker options made from ceramic can stand up well. You additionally want to make sure that these are in a safe place where they are not likely to be tampered with by small children or knocked over by household pets.

Shopping via the Internet is a great way to find an incredible selection of designs. You can also get the best prices by working with these sellers, as they do not have a lot of overhead costs to pay. When using online companies, however, it is vital to remember that you will need to pay shipping charges in order to get your urn and these additional fees could offset your savings.

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