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By Ina Hunt

Everyone needs that extra little bit of luxury to relax and just enjoy some alone time and there is nothing so relaxing than some special spa treatment. Often you wish you could just pop in at a spa for a few hours to distress your body from life and its stresses. Now with the hot tubs Columbus makers offer, you have your relaxation under control.

So may specific designs to choose from. A nice wooden finish is just the perfect decision to match the patio. All different types of wood from something as general as yellow wood to mahogany colors can go anything from light tanned to a dark polish look.

Heaven on earth is not so much impossible you can add your little touch and give it a perfect look. Not only does it give you the spa treatment right at home but you can experience the spa feeling whenever you need one. It should be the perfect ending to your day without a doubt.

Columbus is a beautiful place and not only is it a nice holiday destination but also a nice place to settle down. Treating yourself to some relaxation isn't so expensive and here in Columbus you have many spas to choose from. It ends up to you enjoying the hot tub anyway.

It is very important to know that this piece of luxury can also be dangerous. Many times people have been found dead inside a hot tub where they have fallen asleep and drowned or someone closed the cover on them and the heat was turned up. Just as much as fun it could be to have one it is not so safe if it is not supervised.

The pH level should at least be 7.2 - 7.8, as this is the normal level of pH that will not harm your eyes. You also need to make sure that the calcium hardness or level is correct it should be round about 125 to 400ppm. Make sure the alkalinity level to balances it out with a level of 120 to 180 ppm.

Not only can you burn if it is to hot but if you forget or somehow have plastic that landed in the tub and it is forgotten on heat it can act like a boiling kettle. There has been cases once again found that someone has been admitted to hospital with second degree burns. It is very important to know that a tub is not a toy it is a form of relaxation and entertainment.

Test the water with a test strip for the next few weeks to make sure the chemical levels are correct, always make sure you follow the direct guidelines for your specific type of tub. And easy set to remember is to always make sure the pH level and chlorine level is balanced once that is done it is one less thing to worry about. And always make sure you change the water of your tub regularly at least every three to four months.

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