Top Pointers For Choosing Antique Oriental Rugs

By Ina Hunt

A period piece can give an air of distinction and sophistication to your home. This guide is aimed at helping you to find and choose antique oriental rugs for your living space. The following pointers are designed to make the search for the perfect piece fun and exciting.

There are a great number of venues for finding this type of item. One of the most obvious is a shop which sells antiques for the home. There are some which specialize in textiles and rugs. This can be a good place to learn more about antique soft furnishings, if you are not planning to purchase.

One strong advantage of many antiques dealers is that they are very knowledgeable about their wares. It is an added benefit to buy an item that has an established history and value. As always, you should ensure that sellers are reputable and trustworthy. Also, remember that not everyone agrees on the value of items so it is well worth shopping around and seeking a range of opinions from experts in the field.

However, one potential disadvantage of an antiques dealer is that items may be pricier because the shop owner is knowledgeable about their worth. Some shoppers prefer stores where they may find a surprise item for a bargain price. Some examples are thrift stores and garage sales.

It can be very useful to take a long a friend on your shopping trips, especially one who has a sound background knowledge of antiques. Their second opinion may prove helpful. As well, two sets of eyes are better than one in helping you to search for the right item for your home. Furthermore, do some preliminary research to prepare. You can find antiques valuing guides at libraries and at bookstores. This will help you to be a savvy shopper.

Online, there are also many sources to help with shopping for period home decor. For example, you can find blogs and websites aimed at helping the amateur to identify and purchase antiques. Check and double check information to ensure that it is reliable.

You should keep all these issues in mind when you go shopping for a period piece to enhance your living space. However, perhaps most important is the following point. Choose an item that you like and can live with for many years to come. After all, accessorizing your home is all about personal style. For this reason, rugs with appealing colors and patterns are some of the most popular of antiques and also the most valuable.

For further tips on shopping for and buying period items, there are many free guides available on the Internet. In addition, you can find a host of magazines and newspapers aimed at helping collectors to source items. The time devoted to research will help you to be an educated shopper and increase your chances of success in finding the ideal accessory for your home. The beauty of soft furnishings is that they are both practical and stylish, lending a special touch to a room.

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