Using Online Disc Assessment For Organizational And Individual Success

By Luisa Sharpe

There is no universally accepted definition of success but there are some factors that are always pointed out in any attempt to define success such as being who we are, doing what we love and fruitful networking. Success in anything is impossible without self-understanding and understanding of others. This is why you need disc assessment, to help you understand yourself and guide you in your interaction with others. With online disc assessment, you can benefit from all this at the comfort of your room.

This is a psychological test that is a product of research work of a respected psychologist. It is scientifically designed and has been proven to be completely accurate with the use spreading from large corporations to individuals today. It helps during selection process in interviews so that employees are properly evaluated and matched with their jobs.

After taking the test that involves a series of questions that can be specific or general in nature and targets areas of socializing such as family members interaction, workplace behavior and general social life, a report is formulated providing in-depth information. Parts of report include personality report, description of personality style, behavioral style including motivational characteristics, those you share style with, communication and an action plan on how to improve interpersonal skill among other benefits.

The questions basically target the areas weaknesses and strength in your normal interactions. It focuses on social interaction, workplace interactions and family interactions in general. This can be in general terms or specific in nature where the question is directed towards your interaction with a particular individual. There are four distinct disc positions representing unique qualities. These are dominant represented by D, Interactive represented by I, steady represented by S and compliant that is represented by C.

There are several benefits associated with taking the test online. Other than the fact that it supports large numbers of people at ago, it lasts for not more than fifteen minutes and the results are immediate and very accurate. The cost is also significantly low given that processing is much cheaper. This option is also accessible from any part of the world as long as you are connected to internet meaning that you can take the assessment at the comfort of your seat.

Your results can be summarized in any of the four categories each with unique characteristics. This could either be dominance represented by D where members are outspoken and fast-paced. They are also questioning and very skeptical. The other category is influence and is represented by I. The members are also fast-paced and outspoken but are warm and accepting. The S category represents steadiness where members are accepting and warm but cautious and reflective while C represent compliance with cautious and reflective members who are also questioning and skeptical.

The report is detailed enough with a graph depicting own disc type, personality profile characterization and explanation of other characters on the disk. It is currently used by millions worldwide with very high success rate. In corporate organizations, it helps in improving teamwork by understanding individual communication styles. The assessment is now used in almost all settings from churches, schools, families and at individual level.

By succeeding in creating shared language in teams, members are more likely to trust, increase credibility and deepen workplace alliances improving productivity in general. This is only possible if each of the group members understand their styles and the styles other members and how to speak language of their disc style.

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