Looking At The Market Value Of Cisco Training For CCNA Certification

By Kenneth Harris

To a person who is considering enrolling in the Cisco training courses, the top question might be whether the courses are worth the time and money investment. In an increasingly hectic world, time has become perhaps as valuable to people as money. Therefore, it is logical that someone would want to be sure that the time it takes to complete the courses and become certified is going to lead to a competitive salary.

Based on recent studies, the most logical answer to the question of whether Cisco courses are valuable to people is a simple yes. After they pass the entry level certification, most people choose to enroll in Associate level Cisco certification. The online Cisco training for a CCNA, which is an acronym that means Cisco Certified Network Associate, is quite comprehensive, and enables individuals to attain coveted positions in the field of technology.

One of the factors that determine the average market value of the courses is the kind of employment a professional could reasonably expect after being properly trained. CCNA training enables people to qualify for work in a broad array of technology jobs, which is why such certification is of such great value to people who work in technology. Typical employment possibilities that might be offered to someone with a CCNA may include a job as an information technology manager, a network engineer, or a systems administrator.

Knowing which positions a professional may be suited to is only one of the aspects involved in determining whether the classes are worth the money and the time. The main factor that can determine the average market worth of training is the expected salary of such employment positions. Viewing the results of recent market studies and research may aid prospective students in making such a determination.

According to the site for a company called PayScale, on which people have access to useful information on the salaries of a wide range of professionals, the salary a professional might expect after having taken the CCNA courses is quite appealing. Based on evidence from a report that is provided on the PayScale site, involving 8,074 people and updated on December 13, 2013, a trained systems administrator might expect to secure a salary annually of between $41,657 and $86,677 in United States Dollars.

In the same report offered by PayScale, statistics show that the salaries for other related employment positions are also enviable. A CCNA trained individual who is an information technology manager may expect to earn between $50,487 and $111,568. Network engineers are able to enjoy attractive salaries, too. A network engineer generally makes between $44,509 and $92,522 each year. A senior network engineer makes an average of between $67,457 and $118,623.

A national salary trend report provided on the Indeed site offers impressive data, as well. As of December 22, 2013, median salaries for the job listings for people with CCNA certification are 36 percent higher than the median salary postings for all of the jobs being listed across the nation. According to the data available there, the average salary overall for CCNA trained individuals is $83,000.

It is certainly reasonable for a prospective student to question whether Cisco training for a CCNA is worth the investment of money, time and effort. Many individuals who ask this question are likely to be pleased with the answer. By doing a little research, one can see that the average jobs and salaries associated with a CCNA are worth the training it takes to become certified.

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