Getting The Best Warehouse Racking System Design Possible

By Gwen Lowe

Storage facilities or busy manufacturing or fabricating plants need the best in warehouse racking system design. This is to ensure the proper storage, movement and presentation of all parts, equipment and finished goods in a controlled way. Most of these systems will utilize steel structures and others have taken advantage of fiberglass and extruded plastic materials.

The designing of the proper system for your plant should be a collaborative effort, taking input from all levels of management, including front line personnel. They are the ones that will be using the system and have a lot to say about how well it works. The basic shelving is based on the standard pallets that most plants use. Other sized pallets will be an impediment to this structure and plans should be based on real world material handling needs.

Designs should allow the use of fasteners to attach them to the walls when possible. The free standing shelving will need additional supporting mechanisms and can be arraigned as needed. Needing to get into the bays from the back or side will also be worth thinking about. The many different configurations are ready for you to look at and think about.

Providing a lot of information to the design engineers will be a good first step in obtaining the best racking system for you. What happens and how it happens is an important part of this data. The weights of average pallets of materials will be listed as well as where it should be placed is taken into consideration. The conditions of the walls, floors, moisture content and how that effects where certain ingredients are placed will be taken into account.

The traffic patterns that are needed will also be examined. Some materials stored in some areas may need additional space because of larger material handling equipment and their space requirements. The need for front and back access to the bays will also determine how close they can be to each other, other fixtures, equipment and machinery.

Having side access to bays is something that can be done on the extreme ends. In some cases, special systems can be arraigned to allow small materials to be slid, on tracks embedded in the floors, to reach all parts. Some of these will also move levels up and down to allow for the removal and replacement of items regardless of location.

Finding the best system for your plant is what these companies are good at. They will show you special systems that will take your barrels and drums, on a rail, to ensure its safe storage. The self facing bays with the rollers is also something to consider. Sliders, revolving bays and disappearing shelves will all contribute to the best shelving for your operation.

Safety is one of your first jobs and everyone must buy into that. The companies who offer these types of racking systems have the bases covered as they consult, design and install the best units for you and your employees. Moving material from one place to another is how you accomplish the world class work you do, so helping you do that is their top goal.

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