Information For Customers Who Are Getting Eyelash Extensions In Long Island

By Deanne Shepard

Full, curling lashes beautifully frame the eyes and are desired by most women, unfortunately not everyone has is born with lashes like this, which is why eyelash extensions have become so popular. Artificial or natural lash fibers are glued to the real ones, creating a look of more length and volume. Most ladies are pleased with the results and can enjoy prettier lashes for several weeks in some cases. If interested in finding a service for eyelash extensions in Long Island, clients will find this guide useful.

Some women think false eyelashes worn over their own look fake and fall off too easily, or they are sick of using mascara which can clump and run, so this is the perfect solution for more beautiful eyelashes. Extensions look more natural and are fairly easy to maintain. Most often the fibers used are synthetic, but sometimes natural ones may be used instead. The best quality adhesive is formaldehyde-free and of USP grade.

Applying lash extensions is a procedure that requires specialized training and cannot be performed by just anyone. This is why clients must ensure that the work is done by only a "Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist" who have successfully completed a suitable course in this discipline.

There are two types, temporary and semi-permanent. The former are intended for a single day's use, usually for a special event like a wedding or graduation. They may be made from human hair or a synthetic fiber which closely resembles human hair called "keraspecific fiber" and a different type of adhesive is used. Temporary extensions are not waterproof and can't be worn while sleeping.

If one desires gorgeous lashes for a longer time, then semi-permanent ones are the best choice. These will normally last for a few days or even the full lifespan of the natural lashes, which can be several weeks. Waterproof adhesive is used, so they can be worn in the pool or shower. It's still best to wait a few hours after they are applied before washing the face, and to refrain from using oily products near the eyes.

There is large choice of different colors, thicknesses, and lengths of these lashes which clients can choose from. Natural lash colors will create a realistic look, and there are also bold and vivid shades for those who want a more unique appearance. Lengths can vary between 5 and 15 millimeters and lash thickness ranges between 0.25 to about 2.0 millimeters. A full set of lashes usually consists of 30 to 60 individual fibers.

It may take as long as two hours to apply a full set of lashes. Clients must not wear contact lenses or any eye makeup when the lashes are being attached, and can simply lie down and relax during this painless procedure. Mascara is not usually needed with extensions, but if the client wishes to use it, she should ask the technician to recommend the most compatible types.

Most women who get extensions are very happy with the results, but in some cases it is not the best approach. If a person has eyes that frequently get irritated from rhinitis or allergies, super-sensitive skin, or very curly or almost non-existent natural lashes this procedure is not a good idea, since the lashes may not attach easily or will likely fall off quickly.

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