Great Ideas For Recycled Pallets California

By Deanne Shepard

Recycling has become extremely popular over the past decade or so. Not only because it saves money but also because it is environmentally friendly. Many people are now very concerned about reducing their carbon footprint and giving materials a second life. By reusing simple materials there is less pollution going into the atmosphere and the need for new raw materials is reduced.

Wood is a particularly sensitive commodity. Every tree that is felled takes many years to be replaced. Eventually they will grow back but in the mean time their beneficial effects for the environment have been lost. Using recycled pallets California the dependency on new products is significantly reduced. This saves the companies a lot of money and also helps the movement towards sustainability.

Although a pallet is a very simple design it is vital to the effective distribution of many goods. Typically they are made of wood and have for many years been quickly thrown away. Sadly even a small amount of damage meant that a pallet would be thrown away and end up being burned for fire wood or put into a land fill. That has now changed and most pallets are now repaired and provide many years of use to their owners.

Whenever a tree is felled the planet suffers. Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and are natures air filters. By preserving our forests we not only help to provide a natural habitat for many creatures, but also help to provide clean air for everyone. By reducing the need for new lumber we help to preserve trees and the environment.

It also takes a lot of power to get raw materials into a usable form. The trees have to be felled and dragged out of the woods. They are then trucked to a processing center which all involves a lot of fuel, electricity and pollution. The finished lumber is then trucked to other outlets where it is made into items, including pallets. By reusing as much as possible the new for precious raw materials is reduced.

Each step, however small, is really important in the overall movement of reduce, reuse and recycle. In the past many pallets have been discarded because of a simple break which could easily have been mended. This resulted in many of them being thrown away, burned or put into land fill sites. Now that people are much more aware of the damage to our earth they are actively looking for ways to improve productivity and save money.

Other people take the pallet apart and use the lumber to build something new and different. The lengths of wood are perfect for making fences or even gates. This is a nice, low cost alternative to traditional more expensive types of fence.

The pieces of wood can also be used for simple wood working projects. This can be anything from making a bird house to the construction of outdoor furniture. Every step towards helping conserve natural resources really helps.

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