Facts About Heavy Equipment Service

By Harriet Porter

The parts of heavy machines are bound to get exposed to serious environmental wear conditions. Through the use of hard-facing process, it will be possible to minimize wear and tear such that the service life of the machine increases. Further, the process is done in a very cost effective way. Heavy equipment service is very important for several reasons. Wear and tear present one of the biggest challenges to machines and thus call for repairs.

Metal to metal wear is experienced when two or more metallic surfaces slide against each other when they are subjected to some pressure. This is mostly experienced in non-lubricated and dry surfaces. Abrasive wear is experienced whenever materials that are non-metallic roll or slide across surfaces that are metallic. The type of wear will be determined by properties of the wear material and the abrasive material. Such surfaces would need to be serviced regularly lest the machines break down.

Heavy equipment performs very heavy duty work. To ensure that they run smoothly, there should be routine checks and preventive maintenance. These are mandatory because they not only improve performance but also safety. Furthermore, it will ensure that major costs of repair are avoided because operational problems can be discovered in time and thus rectified.

The mechanics of choice need to be experienced and properly trained to do proper service. Once the right mechanics have been chosen, it is important to make sure that the manuals that came with the machines during purchase are always available. They have vital information as to how frequently repairs need to be done.

Further, the manual has details concerning the procedure of operation, the fluid level checks, emission control as well as other important specifications. Planned preventive servicing that is scheduled is important based on certain factors. Some of these include driving conditions, carried loads and speed of operation. These factors affect the tear and wear since when speeds are high cost of maintenance will be high too. In addition, when loads are heavy, servicing has to be done more frequently.

Maintenance manuals normally recommend optimum schedule and the one that is most suitable is selected and implemented from the available choices. Doing preventive maintenance will help in identifying and tackling problems which are certain to lead to bigger issues. There should be regular checking of engine oil and pressure of tires in the case of machines that have them.

The operators of the equipment need to have techniques of performing minor services. Oil filters, coolants, belts, hoses and lights need to be checked. The machines need to be checked to ensure they meet requirements of transport authorities. There is annual inspection for checking that machines are compliant with requirements.

Service is also done by professional companies. These specialize in repairs and can be contracted for such jobs. The main reason why it is best to have the job done by experienced personnel is the expertise with which the job will be done. Unlike in instances when the job is done individually, there is the guarantee that it will be done properly.

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