Why Janitorial Distributors Make Things Easy For You

By Coleen Torres

A professional custodial company needs things and information that makes it easy for them to perform their duties. This includes tools, chemicals and information for the training needed for all of these. A facility manager, required to maintain a cleaning and maintenance department will also need these things. The best source of this assistance is the janitorial distributors available throughout the area, regardless of where the cleaners are.

The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency, requires information, in the form of Material Safety Data sheets to be provided for all chemicals. This type of information is very helpful in establishing a coherent policy about what solutions are used in what particular accounts. The chemicals will change over a fairly short period of time, so an acquaintance with this information is vital to the cleaning firm.

Training, in the various chemicals and different ways of applying them, can be undertaken in this place. The use of different soft supplies to apply them may be the problem and can be shown and understood a little better. Tools, or in this case, supplies, along with information can be a time and cost saving proposition.

Tools or equipment for the floors are, probably, the largest single purchases a cleaning firm can make. A carpet machine will represent a large enough purchase that these companies want to try them out first. Many distributors will allow them to be removed and used at one of those accounts and returned if not right. The best course of action, first, is to allow the use of this machine in a back room where carpet has been laid for this purpose.

Vacuums are important in the cleaning tasks each custodial firm deals with every night. Uprights, backpacks and canister models will be displayed side by side. The ability to try them out is equally important as the ability to check the larger floor equipment. Bagged versus non bagged vacuums can be compared to identify the cleanest of the two for your purposes. Opinions vary and they can all be heard in this friendly location.

Learning about different mopping systems, regardless of which you think is the best, can be illuminating. The many string mops and flat mop systems can become overwhelming if the cleaner is used to just one type. Buckets, and recovery systems, such as a backpack for removing the laid solution, can be explained and explored right there at the store.

One of the things or activities that will make the learning about the right tools, equipment and supplies easier is the ability to talk with leaders in the local cleaning industries. Knowing people, by sight and reputation, will be easy when you are talking with them face to face., They are usually a fairly sharing sort, even if it is just to brag. It is also a motivating source of mutual strength in a field that is greatly misunderstood.

Making things easier for cleaning companies to get quality information and supplies is what these distributors are all about. The friendly atmosphere, almost always with a cup of coffee and or popcorn available, makes it easy to understand the things they need to know. The conversations with employees, customers standing around and vendors coming and going will make for an easy to learn and easy to acquire attitude throughout the entire experience.

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