The True Usefulness Of Babywise Method

By Coleen Torres

Parents raise their children depending on how they want to. Some can be lenient, while others can be strict. Aside from how these children are raised and their DNA, there are many other factors that affect how they really turn out. This article will help parents understand a specific procedure. It could not be right for some, but right for others.

This procedure starts with the very significant topic of feeding especially with infants. Feeding on demand is preferred by many parents. This means the baby may awaken many times the entire night wanting to be fed. However, babywise method recommends that there should be a feeding schedule depending on the age of the infant. The procedure starts with feeding, followed by playing, and ends with sleeping.

The process should be repeated and breaking the routing should be avoided. There are parents who cannot take hearing their baby cry because of hunger. On the other hand, it will actually allow babies as early as eight weeks to sleep throughout the night.

The good thing about this procedure is that any parent can ensure a good routine for any infant. Security can be provided by the predictability. It will also ensure that the infants will not fall asleep when being fed. These two can never be associated. Not only will this procedure make the infant feel better and rested all the time, but the parent as well.

Any parent will definitely feel tired due to lack of sleep. As a matter of fact, lack of sleep can be dangerous to a parent's health just like lack of nutrients. Aside from affecting one's memory, months of sleep deprivation affects the overall health as well. It is definitely tiring to feed a hungry infant night after night.

For parents who wish to make things as normal as possible, it is best for them to teach their newborns to sleep more instead of requesting to be fed at night time. This approach will help babies get adequate sleep at night regardless if feeding is involved. Babies want comfort, so they end up awake at night time. Such approach will teach them to comfort themselves instead of getting it from their parents.

This procedure gives importance to the routine. However, parents are recommended to feed their babies if they are hungry sooner than when they are scheduled to be fed. It is important for parents not only to be aware, but understand their babies as well. Understanding themselves is also important and knowing how far they are willing to go to follow this procedure. There is really nothing wrong with modifications especially when needed.

Apart from comfort and security being ensured, Happiness to the household will be achieved as well. A baby that is healthy is not one that is dehydrated or neglected, but fed when he or she is hungry. The book must be read by parents from the beginning to end so that they can wisely take the advice. The process should only be followed after they get answers for their questions. Changes will certainly take place for the betterment of the household.

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