Martial Arts Meditation Instruction Tips For Dummies

By Miranda Sweeney

Many martial artists today would only concentrate on the external exercises of the art which would be the physical exercises. Many of them do not realize that the internal exercises are very important as well because they would help both the body and the soul. So if one is into martial arts, this martial arts meditation instruction guide may be a good supplement.

When one would meditate, he would usually be doing it once before the lesson and once after. The first one that he does is usually done so that he can relax his mind in order to concentrate on the lesson to be followed. Now the one after is done so that he will be able to relax his brain and body alike.

Now if one would do the first one, he will be assuming the Indian sitting position. Now if one knows how to do the lotus position like in Yoga, then it will be much better because this position is great for meditating. When one has already assumed this position, he then has to straighten both his spinal cord and his neck.

Now the next thing to do would be to close the eyes and start relaxing. One has to clear the mind of all thoughts and try to push them out if they do try to enter the brain. In order for things not to enter the mind, what one can do is simply think about the color black and he will not think of anything.

Now the next thing that one would have to concentrate on would be the breathing. Now do take note that while one is meditating, he will be doing a special kind of breathing. Upon inhaling, one will blow up his stomach a little bit. Now as he exhales, he will be making his stomach smaller as he would be taking out bad air.

Of course aside from the breathing, there would also be the visualization portion. One of the main reasons as to why martial artists would meditate is simply because they would want to harness their inner chi. So while meditating, one has to imagine that there is energy flowing throughout his entire body and is going to his hands and feet.

There would also be a session that one would be doing after the lesson. Now this second one is very similar to the first one except one is lying down. One is lying down in this position so that he will be able to relax his body and his mind from the lesson. Now in the martial arts world, this position is known as the relaxation position. Another difference from the first one would be that one will be breathing out through his mouth at times.

So if one is into martial arts, these are some techniques that he must definitely take note of. In the state of California, many schools there still continue to emphasize the importance of meditation. Many schools in other places have already took out this aspect from their curriculum.

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