Understanding The Controversial Babywise Method

By Marci Glover

Parents, and others, can be quite judgmental with regards to how to raise babies. Some prefer to be quite strict and others more laid back. There isn't much proof as to what works better, because there are so many factors that affect the outcome. Whatever the case, there is a newer concept that encourages establishing a very rigorous routine. This is known as the babywise method, which is described below.

Feeding a baby is a huge responsibility that parents face throughout the child's life, and much more with a newborn. That's because some believe to feed a baby whenever he or she demands food, but others believe that the baby should be fed according to a schedule, as is suggested in the Babywise theory. This method is a rigorous routines that begins by a feeding, followed by playing, and finally by sleep every time.

The routine is to be respected at all times. Unfortunately, this can be quite a trying time for many parents, who tried to ignore their infants crying for food. Alternatively, it can encourage the infant to fall asleep right through the night early on in his life, and as early as eight weeks.

One thing is for sure, ask any parent, and they'll attest to ensuring a good routine for any baby. The predictability provides security. Moreover, it will ensure that the baby won't fall asleep when eating, and therefore will never associate the two. The end result behind this concept is that both the parent and child will feel better and rested at all times.

The exhaustion that comes from nighttime feedings can cause numerous problems for parents, and especially nursing moms. It can affect her health and her memory very adversely. It makes it difficult for her to function during the day, while she still has a baby to look after and trying to be as alert as possible. It only worsens as time passes.

This is where this theory comes into play, as babies are taught easily and early on to discontinue feeding at night. Beyond that, there is sleeping, and this method recommends allowing the baby to cry for up to 20 minutes without consoling. This can be quite difficult for some parents, but eventually they learn to cry themselves to sleep.

Having said all that, it also asks the parents to be understanding of their own children, meaning that they should feed their children if they are really and truly hungry, even if it is before the scheduled feeding time. That means that parents should pay attention and understand the needs of their children before applying such recommendations. What's more is that they should modify these recommendations accordingly.

In making the modifications, parents will ensure their baby is safe and comfortable. Everyone wants a happy baby, providing a feeding when it's really necessary. Having said that, it is important to note when a child really is hungry, as failure to respond could actually lead to dehydration and more. The important thing is that if a parent chooses to follow this method, then they should read the book in its entirety, and understand every part of it before applying it.

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