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By Tracie Knight

If you are looking for the best photo journal app, then you have got plenty of options to choose from. It depends on your personal preference that what sort of photo journal app for iphone you go for. There are many different aspects that you should think about in a careful manner before finally selecting the one that you think will fulfil your journal requirements to a great extent.

A standout amongst the most famous apps is the Day One and its best known for its basic outline and simple utilization. The most conspicuous characteristic of this app is that it is to a great degree simple to utilize and exceptionally easy to use. The application interface is great and it has a ton of diverse characteristics on offer. This app has most likely separate itself from whatever is left of the applications.

An alternate splendid application is Everyday Timeline. It is your particular photo journal as well as use different characteristics like maps, calender, journal and considerably more. This app obliges you to make a record and in light of the fact that the record is synchronized to their site, therefore you can additionally get to everything utilizing their site too.

One of the oldest and most universal application is the Chronicle. It has the option of syncing with icloud and it can also be linked with Dropbox. This app works brilliantly as all your data is safe as the app performs daily back up of all your important files. Although the user interface is simple yet it takes time to navigate through different options. If all the minor flaws are corrected, this could become a brilliant application.

Another application which is not that popular but still used by many is the Remembary. Social media is he core of this website as it is built to support social media. One of the major flaws which should be corrected right away is the fact that it has not auto sync features which can make it a bit difficult.

Moleskine which is actually the pioneer of physical journals have now started to make digital journals as well and their app is extremely promising in this regards. The company still needs to improve their digital expansion because their app is too slow and crashes more often as compared to other apps. If all the problems are resolved, it can be said that Moleskine can become the top most popular apps when it comes to photo journals.

Wonderful Days, MacJournal, Quillerbay and the Dream Log are a few other popular websites in this category and they are all worth considering as every one of them have their own distinctive features. All these apps have their own distinctive features that makes them different from the rest. You will never feel disappointed once you start using their service on a long term basis.

Before you purchase or install an application you must keep in mind a few very important things. User friendly feature is a must otherwise you should not install that app no matter what happens. The application you use must not have any sort of issues like syncing because otherwise it will become difficult to use the application that you have installed.

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