Things You Should Know TO Achieve Lean Six Sigma Belts

By Tracie Knight

Quality is a very important word in the world of work. These days the value of a thing or even a person can be measure by the quality of service rendered. Since competition among companies is at its peak, most employers are looking for future team players that are motivated and functions well. To be above the cut, you have to prove your quality.

Due to this, more and more employees have realized the importance of incorporating the lean six sigma strategy to improve production. Lean six sigma Houston is a managerial and production concept that aims in overall customer value by combining two notable strategies, which are the lean marketing method and six sigma method. Expertise is achieved as employees go through belts or levels. These levels are white, yellow, green, black and master black belts just like in karate.

Lean marketing is derived from the fabrication process utilized by a know company that manufactures cars. It is a well developed way of thinking that is totally focused on the reduction of waste processes to give quality products. This brand of marketing tactics eliminates the methods that do not add value to the desired output but instead eats up valuable time, effort and resources.

Six Sigma is an operational process of another car company. If the former focuses on waste reduction, this industrial method aims to speed up the production with less defects. This is achieved by a precisely uniform series of steps in the manufacture of the product.

As mentioned earlier, there are different belts that correspond to a level of knowledge about the methods of this strategy. The lowest is a white belt. This color refers to those still starting to learn about the entire strategy. To have this you will have to attend workshops to widen your understanding of the concept.

The next level is the yellow belt. The yellow belt employee not only understands lean six sigma, but has basic knowledge of the entire thing. Yellow belt holders do not lead projects on their own, but is a core team member on a project. To belong in this level one must pass the LSSSA YB exam and present proof of participation in an improvement project.

After the yellow group, your next goal will be the green belt. Though employees in this bracket do not lead projects, they are very closely involved in every single one. You will have to pass the LSSSA GB test to belong in the green echelon.

Black belt employees leads projects. Under your leadership your team should complete a case study to be given final certification. An employee of this stature has passed the LSSSA BB exam and has completed at least one project.

After three years, you are already qualified for the master black belt level. You just have to pass the LSSSA MBB examination given by accredited testers from Houston TX in order to get a certification. Though the road to the top will not be easy, given hard work and perseverance you will surely reach your goal.

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