Some Interesting Facts About Barack Obama

By Barun Kumar

Barack Obama is the 44th and current president of United States who was born on 4th August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since is birth, Obama has studied, worked and held different offices that have boosted his career to being the current United States president. If looking to learn more about his life, below are some interesting facts about barack Obama you may need to know of.

Obama and his wife Michelle Robinson met at Chicago Law Firm of Sidley Austin where he was interning. Even though Michelle did not love Obama at the early days of their meeting, their day-to-day meeting led to a two-year courtship that finally led to a marriage. The two married in 1992 at the Trinity United Church of Christ. The ceremony was led by Reverend Wright the same reverend who baptized their two daughters Natasha and Malia.

After his mother divorced his biological father and married Lolo, they moved to Indonesia. While in Indonesia, Barack cherished eating chili peppers, dog and snake meat, roasted grasshopper meat, loved to play rice paddies, and rode water buffalo games. He also had an ape pet named Tata.

When he was in high school, Obama loved playing basketball despite the fact that he did not feel welcomed by his colleagues. In an effort to fight this seclusion and try to fit in this group, he started smoking weed, taking cocaine and drinking. However, he later stopped taking these drugs though he still continued smoking cigarette.

The details about his family are other unknown facts about Barack Obama. For instance, Obama was born to a Kenyan father from the Luo tribe. Though his father was an industrious student, he was expelled from school on grounds that he was misbehaving. His father lived an atheist life though he always claimed to be a Muslim.

Through his youthful looks, texting and social life on the web he ended up boosting his campaign that led to his huge following. For example, his continuous and persuasive utilization of the internet led to him wining the presidential elections. Additionally, it made him achieve more recognition on both the web and offline.

Obama has worked in different places since his childhood until he won the United States presidential elections. For instance, in 1985 he worked on a Chicago group known as the developing communities project that works to empower the poor through grass roots organization. He also had earlier worked at Baskin-Robbins the work that made him to dislike ice cream even to date.

These are some of the little known facts about Barack Obama each of which happened at different times and for different reasons. Some of them explain of his adult life while others detail his childhood life. Knowing these facts can enable you learn more about the current United States president and discover some of the hidden things that you may have never known about his life.

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