Seven Tips For Digital Billboard Design

By Krystal Branch

Digital billboards can be seen almost everywhere from the roadsides all the way to the buildings because these types of ads are known to catch the eyes of the people. It is actually a very popular form of advertising simply because it is simple but effective. So if one is a designer who would want to make a good digital billboard design for his client, here are a few tips on how.

Of course contrast and brightness are two very important things when it comes to designing really good digital billboards. Now the thing about high contrast and brightness would be that it would attract a lot of attention simply because it can shine to the eyes. It is for this reason that ads are really bright.

Now the use of color is also a very important aspect when it comes to this type of advertising because it is what will attract the buyer. Science has proven that the bright colors like red or yellow would attract the most attention. In a general sense, these are the recommended colors to use but one may use others depending on the nature of the advertisement.

Now with regard to the font, it is best to use block fonts so that the words are very easy to understand. When people would pass by billboards, they will only glance at it for a few seconds which means that the few seconds must already have a good impact. This is why the main message has to be in a block font so that people can see easily.

Also regarding the wording, one has to always make sure that the message he would want to portray would be short and concise. This is important because no one is going to waste their time reading a very long message on a billboard that they are just going to pass by for a few seconds. It is for this reason that copywriters must keep the message of the product short.

One of the best ways to attract onlookers would be to magnify a certain part in the billboards. The designer could either choose to magnify the message of the advertisement or he can magnify a picture of the product or of a person offering a service instead. In any case, it is best to magnify something in the advertisement to attract people.

Of course another very important thing to take note of would be to never make an advertisement too cluttered. If it is cluttered with too many things in it, people will not even want to lay their on the advertisement. So try to keep things simple so that the passing people will be able to appreciate the ad.

Now the last tip when it comes to digital billboard design would be to avoid the center. The center of a canvas is also called the dead center and is known in art to be the place where people never look at. It is for this reason that designers must always stay away from this point.

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