Handling Long Commutes

By Bill Duggen

If you have a job that is located in the city and a home that is far from the city then you will have no choice but to endure long commutes on a regular basis. As the distance increases, the hours of commuting from home to work become longer. This is a daily routine that one must endure if he or she is really looking to make money or make a living.

Among those that you lose when you undergo long commutes would be the good night sleep - sleep without worries and sleep with your arms and legs stretched out over the bed. While at work, you will need to spend at least 8 hours a day and have the rest of your hours to your family and of course for the long commute which no longer leave you with enough time for sleep.

Dealing with far commuting distances is something that we cannot escape from unless you are willing to change jobs, buy your own fast car or plane. On the long commute, you will be left with the choice of saving your strength for next activity you are looking to have like spend time with family, work, fun and others. So how exactly would you keep yourself busy during a long commute?

Book reading is among the top things that people usually do when trying to buy time during long commutes. By reading books, magazines or journals, you will be able to keep you distracted and can also gain new knowledge. After you read a few pages of the book, you will be able to tell that time flies by so quickly.

You can also be childish as you take that bus ride from your home to your office by playing games on your phone. While many may not be very fund of games over devices, it can be very much helpful in keeping your thoughts distracted and thus keeping you less stressed. To keep your gaming more fun and enjoyable, download games or apps related to sports or hobbies that you love to do such as basketball, drawing, serving as a waiter and others.

Want to make money on the time you are on the long commute? If your English is good then you can opt for article or blog writing. Since your body is not doing any much activities during traveling, the mind can become very keen. In this scenario, article or blog writing would be the best thing that you can do. Topics you can write about may cover a lot of things like experience in doing long commutes, how to make money, what presents to buy for your wife in your anniversary, etc. Writing is not only a great way to do something worth while but it also opens doors to profits.

Lastly, you can also socialize while you are taking that long bus ride. Socializing with your fellow passengers or the person beside you is yet the most basic way to deal with boredom in long commutes. Many would think to do otherwise since they are not confident enough in their skills and do not have the confidence. However this is actually an easy thing to do. The only hard part in socializing is how to start the conversation. You just have to think of a topic or subject that would allow the both of you to agree and discuss further. Likewise, be sure to check first that the person you are looking to talk to is approachable.

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