The Importance Of A Traffic Sign

By Grace Rivas

A traffic sign could mean the difference between life and death. These signs are not just there for your entertainment. They are there to save your life and the lives of other people. For instance if you see a children crossing sign and ignore it, a child could lose their life. No one wants that on their conscience.

You have to learn all the signs to pass your driving test so that you do not hurt anyone or yourself while driving. It is also to help you know where and when you need to do something on the street while driving. If you have two vehicles that are driving down a road going the same way and a sign says to merge but neither driver reads the sign then your going to wreck.

There are so many traffic signs and you have to learn them all in order to be safe. Many people that have drove for many years can tell a sign simply by the shape and color, however they still should read the sign. There are signs like warning, restrictive, informative, and priority signs plus many others.

Some people have a hard time driving in the dark and reflective signs and glow in the dark signs help these people to see the signs at night which cuts down on the accidents. Signs are posted predominately so that all drivers can see them. However there are some signs on residential roads that are blocked by bushes or shrubs and if you can't see a speed limit sign or stop sign you could wreck or get a ticket. Any signs that are blocked should be moved by the city.

If you are not able to see a sign then you could have an accident or you may even get a ticket speeding because you didn't see the speed limit sign. If this happens you should go to court about that ticket because you are not at fault if you can not see the speed limit sign. All signs should be put in plain sight for everyone to see.

Have you ever wondered why signs are different colors? It is so it will draw your attention to the sign. If all signs were a boring gray color you would probably miss most of them, but because they are bright red or yellow or even green it draws your attention to the sign. Signs are very important in our civilization, without them how would we go anywhere?

We would not know which interstate we were on or which way to turn to get on to a certain street. You would never find anyone's home because without signs you wouldn't be able to find their street. So I for one am grateful for our traffic signs. Without them our roads would be quite chaotic.

Our lives are easier and safer due to having a traffic sign. Most of you probably never even think about the importance of a traffic sign but they are there to keep us all safe. Without signs we would wreck every time we left our houses to go some where. Without a stop sign everyone would just run into each other and that would be no good.

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